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McLean's: Adult Martial Arts


Losing weight, improved fitness, physical self defense skills - there are lots of reasons why adults train in martial arts.  Certainly the martial arts have a lot to offer in these areas, but you may be surprised by the many other benefits you will get from your training.

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"We LOVE McLean's Martial Arts!!! Great school, awesome staff and extremely knowledgeable in many different forms of Martial Arts. 

"The best school in Saraland to learn and practice martial arts, self defense and fitness. Perfect for the entire family."

"Been training with Mr. McLean for years.. top notch training and instruction that leaves you wanting more after every class."

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strength for life

Our classes are designed to help you develop core strength, improve balance and stability, and increase spatial awareness and gross motor control while learning practical self defense skills. Our training blends functional movements with cardiovascular conditioning to enhance your strength in both body and mind.

More benefits

Many people feel vulnerable and wish that they had a way to defend themselves if they end up in a dangerous situation. 

Martial arts classes build strength, confidence and agility while teaching basic but effective self-defense moves. 

Studying martial arts can help you shake feelings of vulnerability and believe in your ability to defend yourself, should the situation ever arise. 

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what you can expect

We work to meet you where you are, and help you develop skills one step at a time. Classes blends functional, mindful movement with cardiovascular conditioning to exercise both body and mind.

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6:40 pm Adult Martial Arts


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other programs

Look at our other programs to see which fits you or your child best!


6:40 pm Adult Martial Arts


7:20 pm Adult Martial Arts


7:20 pm Adult Martial Arts

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Little Dragons

Ages 4-6

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adult classes

Ages 16+

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Youth classes

Ages 7-11


Summer camps

Summer Day Camps

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Ages 12+

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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